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Workshop & Repairs

We are very pleased to have the immensely talented luthier Kenji Okumura handling all our set-ups and repairs.

Born in Japan, Kenji learned his craft in the US where he studied at Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery in Arizona.

Now based in London, Kenji builds exceptional acoustic guitars with meticulous attention to detail.

Built in small quantities, his instruments are entirely handmade, using top quality materials and skill of nearly two decades.

His elaborate work is often associated with Japanese traditional art.

Kenji will be at Ivor Mairants every Thursday taking care of our guitar repairs, set-ups and restorations.

With over two decades of experience making and repairing guitars, Kenji's attention to detail and high standards means your guitar will not only be in great hands but will play better than ever.

Our Highly Skilled, World-Class Luthier, Kenji Okamura, is on-site every Thursday. If you need it done quickly, go elsewhere, if you want it done to perfection, bring it to Ivor Mairants Musicentre, where we’ll expertly inspect, advise and book for the work needed.

Please get in touch to discuss any aspect of our repair and maintenance service, we’ll be happy to help. Please also note that the price list below is a guide.


Acoustic Guitars from £50.00
Electric Guitars from £55.00
With Locking Tremolos from £60.00
Fret Dress from £90.00


Unbound Fingerboard from £140.00
Bound Fingerboard from £160.00
Bound Fingerboard w/enclosed fret ends from £220.00
Lacquered Fingerboard from £180.00

Fitting Parts

Strap Button   £10.00
Volume/Tone Pots   £30.00
3-Way Selector Switch   £25.00
5-Way Selector Switch   £30.00
Undersaddle Pickups   £50.00
Electric Pickups per pickup £30.00
Archtop/Semi Pickups per pickup £50.00
Make and fit New Bone Nut   £75.00
Make and fit New Bone Saddle   £75.00
Fit New Machine Heads (Tuners)   £40.00
Kenji Kenji Inlay Kenji