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Joe Doe by Vintage






Joe Doe guitars by Vintage

The new kid on the block, with a pedigree.


 The metaphor ‘Living in a hamster wheel’ is often related to a mundane or monotonous lifestyle. For Ben Court, the clever guy behind Joe Doe guitars, running around in circles getting nothing done, couldn’t be further from the truth. 

“I can relate to that wheel,” says Ben, “It’s been a big part of my life for a long time.”  Besides creating and designing Joe Doe guitars, Ben has been a Film and TV screenwriter for the last 25 years. “Generating ideas is what I’m best at, my brain never really switches off” he laughs. So it was fortunate that Ben started a collaboration with the Vintage® Series, with the first run based on the V52™ and V6™ electric guitars. It was the perfect outlet for him to express more of his ideas, and working within the Vintage® Series, Ben knew he was starting from a good place, as he explains, 

“The quality and feel of the Vintage range is exceptional. For me to use the chassis of the V6 and V52 meant I didn’t have to worry about tonewood characteristics, finishing or the quality of the hardware, because Vintage guitars had already done the hard work for me. And unlike my custom builds, working with just two body shapes, the V52 and V6, limits me and focuses the mind, otherwise the hamster wheel will overheat and I’d end up designing guitars that are so far off the wall! So having limitations can be a good thing."


"I started building seriously in 2017, because I wanted to combine my day job of writing stories with my passion for guitar building. It seemed like a strange car crash of ideas at the time, but the amazing response I received when I launched my first run of Joe Doe Custom guitars at the London International Guitar Show that year told me I was onto something. They all sold within a year so I immediately started working on the second run for the next show, where I was approached by Vintage guitars brand owners JHS. They liked the idea of each guitar being individual and how the designs are based on fictional characters who may have owned them.” 

I love guitars that have a story attached to them, like the guitar Jimi Hendrix set alight at the Montreux festival and BB King’s Lucille. The origin stories of these guitars make them more than the sum of their parts - they become holy relics.

This is what I’m trying to create in my designs, where I imagine the character who would have owned a particular guitar, who they were and how, where and when they played it. You can read in-depth stories on the website describing each one, then the aesthetics, the artwork and construction all become self explanatory.”  

Many of Ben’s ideas are like some of the best songs ever recorded and written on the back of a napkin in minutes, he continues,  

“In script writing, you know when you have a good idea for a story because it will just unfold in front of you. If I have to push hard to make something work, it usually means it’s wrong. When I’m designing guitars I have no problem at all coming up with characters and themes, that’s the easy bit! Turning them into material form is the hard part.

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