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by Trev Wilkinson

Beyond even the excellence of UK-built Fret-King Green Label guitars, these unique styling exercises are exotic one-off creations and can be many things; stunning custom finishes, a particular combination of esoteric specifications or materials, rare and beautiful tone woods, an embellishment of precious metal, an experimental pickup configuration or switching, a new take on a body shape... But whatever, while hovering between the boundaries of master-built musical instruments, exclusive luxury goods, and art, a Fret-King STVDIO guitar is the embodiment of Trev Wilkinson’s imagination, and showcases the capabilities of the Fret-King styling studio, with each creation being an awe-inspiring and highly desirable object of beauty.

No Fret-King STVDIO guitar will ever be repeated exactly and the discerning few who will own one will possess a peerless and very collectable player’s guitar.

All Fret-King® guitars receive a full pre despatch inspection and service check.

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